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Mr. Kerry Phillips

Kerry Phillips

Phillips’s passion for art started at an early age when he was fascinated by light and it’s emotional connection, Which came from working with the family lighting design business.- Phillip's Lighting & Lamp Shades. His affinity for the diversity of styles by the great photographers like Robert Doisneau, Henri Cartier Bresson, Cheyco Leidmann, Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon, Giorgio Nigrio, Bruno Engler. As a young boy, he became immersed in lighting, photography, darkroom printing, and film techniques, Phillips fell in love with the magic created and captured through the lens. His personal fine art journey began with his first camera, a not so fine art Kodak Brownie. He discovered not only what is seen through the lens, but also the poetry and allure of our natural world. Years of intense dedication and practical photography consumed him. Nature and it’s seasons has been a major influencer on Kerry since his teens. An environment Canada weather station training center on the edge of Lake Ontario down the street from the family homestead helped feed his insatiable desire for natural sciences and environment. Phillips was born in Toronto Canada, raised on the Scarborough Bluffs, attended renowned RTSA program @Stephen Leacock, resided in Banff Center and Whistler for 16 years, attended SAIT RTFA in Calgary and now resides in British Columbia.

Kerry creating on the top of some mountain top 

Where his photographic scientific weather knowledge adds to his career in the film industry as an on set SPFX technician working alongside some of the world's best cinematographers. Kerry has probably worked on some of the best and worst movies ever made. If you are curious to see if he's worked on any you loved or hated, feel free to peruse his IMDB profile. Wouldn't it be neat to own a piece of artwork that somebody on one of your fave movies from "behind the scenes" created? Here's the link to the IMDB below. 


Clients and Sponsorships. PRE internet btw.

 Turner Special Projects (commissioned art project) residing in the Russell Towers Investment Center

 Lowepro Camera Gear and Bags

 Merrell Shoes

 Eco Challenge 96 (hired gun)

 Discovery Channel

 Brodie Bicycles

Norco Bicycles

 Shape Magazine

 Manfrotto Tripods and Gear

We had been looking for a unique art piece for our new home for a while.  Kerry’s fine art photograph of an “iconic” building on the famous Howe Sound Fjord, resonated with us, as it is on a familiar route to Whistler.

Kerry helped us choose from the many mounting and framing options possible and organized delivery with impeccable service and quality.

Thank you Kerry

Architecture and design Clients -Brigitte Loranger - Whistler Architects


Kerry Phillips has an incredible eye and also exceptional attention to detail!  A particular image of Kerry's caught and held my interest and I was fortunate to be able to purchase it for my bed and breakfast, Grace House in Niagara on the Lake.  Kerry was amazing arranging to get the print to me.  He kept in touch with me while it was in transit, and was concerned that it arrived safely.  He was very specific with me to examine the packaging to make sure that the work was flawless, which it was on arrival... still is!

Happy interior design Client -Lorri Gillanders

Kerry Phillips Print Shop

Kerry Phillips Print Shop

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